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Relocating is a big deal. At Crown Relocations, we take the quality of our service and the personal care of our clients seriously. Although we have checks in place to ensure exceptional service at every stage of the relocation process, nothing says “outstanding service” as well as hearing it directly from our clients.

September 2018
"Thank you for taking care of everything with my last minute relocation"
Mr Tim D
Amsterdam to Atlanta


September 2018
"Thank you for taking care of everything with my last minute relocation"
Mr Tim D
Amsterdam to Atlanta


July 2018
"Anita was an absolute star. Always ready to help and with a wealth of knowledge. she made my arrival in Zurich easy and seamless. Pefect"
Mr Robert I
Rosmalen to Switzerland


May 2018
"Mary Maldonado was very responsive to our frequent questions and was always pleasant to speak with. She presented herself as very knowledgeable and that came across in each discussion. Although I do not have their names, the entire destination delivery and unpacking crew were outstanding! Job well done."
Mr Kevin D
Amsterdam to Houston


December 2017
"The whole team did a great job. All very friendly, courteous and very professional. Excellent service!"
Mr Philippe A
Eindhoven to Lyon


October 2017
"Crown services were well organized and managed. We appreciated on time deliveries, empathy and flexibility of the moving team, as well responsiveness and communication of the coordinating teams."
Ms Miriam H
Amsterdam to Prague


July 2017
"Martine Krips was amazing - she guided me through every step of the way and made this entire process stress free. I can't thank her enough!"
Ms Leslie M.
London to Amsterdam


July 2017
"Crown has managed our relocation in a very efficient manner. That was the first time I've used a moving company for relocation, and I was positively impressed at the level of organization and thoughtful approach to everything connected with that very complex task. Nothing to be missed out, everything communicated and traceable for me. That was very professional"
Mr Vardan G.
Moscow to Amsterdam


May 2017
"Thila Shanmuganathan: She did a great job managing the door-to-door shipment from NL to MY, very pleasant experience overall. Both teams in NL and MY provided excellent customer service and were very helpful."
Ms Zita B.
Rotterdam to Malaysia


May 2017
"I was glad that we had Martine Krips helping me and wife for the relocation purpose. She was very professional and polite to answer all kinds of weird queries I had about my relocation. She patiently answered each and every query of mine and made sure that I had no doubt related to it. She is an asset to the company."
Ms Karyn W. 
India to the Netherlands


March 2017
"Hugo our delivery guy and his partner were amazing. They went above and beyond to help me out and be kind and professional. I had just had knee surgery and they helped me move other furniture and even took the door off a unit so I could fit my speaker in it and put it back on. It was an excellent experience and I would gladly use your service again."
Ms Karyn W. 
Netherlands to USA


February 2017
"Everyone was super welcoming, they helped me set up everything I needed in a Guinness record time. Amazing services."
Mr Teodor C. 
Romania to Netherlands, using our home-search and settle in assistance in The Netherlands.


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