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International Pet Shipping

Utilizing a network of international pet shipping specialists, Crown attends to all registrations, special travel requirements and medical regulations, advising customers along the way, so they can feel confident, knowing their pet(s) will enjoy a safe and successful relocation using Crown's friendly international pet shipping service.

Airline Regulations

The majority of pets are relocated by air. Normally pets fly in the cargo area. These are temperature-controlled to the same temperature as the main cabin. If the animal is small enough (usually less than 15 pounds, depending on the airline), the pet can travel in the passenger compartment. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) issues rules and guidelines to ensure safe transport of animals, such as:

  • IATA-approved pet carriers
  • ventilation systems
  • preparations before dispatch
  • feeding and watering
  • general care & loading


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Crown’s customers can rest assured that their pet’s relocation will be managed by caring, knowledgeable and compassionate international pet shipping handlers.

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