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An important step in settling in for you and your child is making sure that you have found the right school to continue their education when you relocate. We looked at some helpful points to think about when you begin your research into the right international school for you.

Settling in

When you begin your research look into how the school explains how they will help your child settle in. The school can do this through a variety of ways such as making sure each new student is given a ‘buddy’. Make sure you are happy with how the school plans to support your child during the settling in phase of their new school life.


As this is an international school you will find that there will be a variety of curriculums. Check whether the curriculum your child currently is following is portable to their new school education.

Class size

The ratio of teachers to students is very important. As international schools are becoming a more popular choice for locals as well as expats in certain areas make sure you are happy with the class size. You want to feel happy that your child will have as much individual attention to guide their education as necessary.

Check out the website

Beginning your research online will help you to narrow down to the school in your area your align with most. You can read about each schools philosophy as well as check out the facilities before you arrive for a visit.

Previous examination results

The likelihood is your child’s future will depend on examination results. Looking into the schools past academic achievements should help your confidence in their ability to bring out the best in your own children. You can also look into the success of past students, perhaps there is a trend in where they have gone to university.

Extra-curricular activities

What can this school give your child beyond their education? Perhaps they are a keen sports player or budding musician. The international school of your choice should be able to help their passions flourish as well as their grades.

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Choosing the right international school for your child is vital to a happy relocation.

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