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Are you considering relocating to Melbourne? Here are just five of the great reasons why you should:

Art and culture

Melbourne is the undisputed cultural capital of Australia. Home to a variety of people and lifestyles, Melbourne embraces cultures from around the world to make it a part of their home. A wide variety of festivals are happening all the time such as the food and Wine Festival. As well as many great galleries, museums and theatres for you to visit during your time in Melbourne. In particular you will want to visit Fitzroy for its cultural richness and quirkiness. The streets are filled with local street art and commissioned murals.


It is easy to get around in Melbourne there is a large network of trams, trains and buses to help you easily navigate around the city.

Foodie heaven

The way that Melbourne embraces all cultures is particularly reflected in its food. A serous culinary spot, Melbourne is home to food from all over the world. There is also a great fusion movement in Melbourne where new tastes are created all the time, world class chefs putting their own twists on traditional dishes. There will be a guaranteed never ending list of food and new places you will want to try. However dining out in Melbourne is common amongst tourists and locals alike so be sure to make reservations ahead of time to avoid disappointment!

Quality coffee

If there is one thing the Australians are great at particularly those from Melbourne, it’s how to make a great cup of coffee. If you are a lover of excellent coffee you will never be disappointed here.

Be prepared to be a footy lover

Get ready to develop a love for AFL (that’s the Australian Football League) and in Melbourne everyone is footy fan. It will also be a great way to start building a community spirit with your co-workers and neighbours. Get ready to be cheering with the locals, you’ll be picking up the sports lingo in no time.


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