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Los Angeles has topped the Schroders Global Cities 30 index this year, jumping to top spot after being 6th in 2016.

The index looks at factors such as university rankings, projected growth of the economy and disposable income over the next decade. All factors determine which cities can provide the best potential for superior investment returns.

This year university rankings were included, greatly affecting the outcome. Hugo Machin, co-Head of Global Real Estate Securities believes this is because “Universities are critical in powering city economies. Innovation and education provide a better-trained, more productive workforce. Knowledge-based hubs are growing in economic strength with a positive knock-on to real estate markets in those locations.”

Strengths of LA

One of the main benefits to moving to Los Angeles is the diversification of the city's industries, with IT, technology, entertainment, aerospace and engineering just some of the expanding sectors of business. Every year more and more companies are moving to LA to swell these branches of the economy, growth that is necessary to deal with demand and innovation. Companies such as Facebook, Google, Disney and Warner Bros are either based or have a large presence in Los Angeles.

Diversity in people

Due to the many opportunities available, there is also a diverse population in LA. There is a large expat community in search of their own American dream. This has also led to a global food scene in LA, with authentic cuisine from all over the world in one place. There is sure to be a little taste of home on the LA streets for you to enjoy.

If you would like to find out more about why so many people are relocating to Los Angeles, click here.

Los Angeles is an emerging tech hub in 2017.

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