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International move and cultural shock
January 24, 2018
Moving to another country, it isn’t just about sorting out your relocation. It also involves...
the top three countries for expats
December 3, 2017
Singapore, Norway and New Zealand are the top three countries for expats according to the latest...
Moving to Germany
November 3, 2017
Is Germany going to be your new home? Are you planning to relocate there for professional or...
Heading back home
October 2, 2017
Your expat period is almost over. Now it is time to “pack” and go back home. Easy job, isn’t it? At...
The cost of living in the expatriation
September 1, 2017
Before taking the decision of relocating, one needs to invest plenty of time in getting to know the...
Moving abroad with teenagers
August 2, 2017
Moving abroad to study or work is becoming more and more natural in our globalized world. When we...

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