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In Hong Kong you can enjoy all of China’s best features. The trendy city is packed with skyscrapers, cool people and sandy beaches.

Move to Hong Kong with Crown

Hong Kong is not only a vibrant metropolis, but this is also where Crowns has its headquarters.

If you are planning to relocate to Hong Kong, this means that you will always be in contact with employees of Crown. From the time you initiate your move in Stockholm until you get your goods delivered in Hong Kong.

Before moving to Hong Kong, it is very important that your work visa is confirmed so that Crown can arrange customs clearance of your goods.

Crown's expert staff will help you fill in the customs documents required before your move and we will also manage the customs process in order to limit potential delays.

It’s important that all customs documents are filled out correctly before we can ship your household goods.

We recommend that you contact us no later than 6 weeks before your estimated date of removal so that we are able to conduct a pre-move survey of your goods, provide a quote and also give you more flexibility with your requested moving dates.

Your move to Hong Kong will be via sea freight or air freight, depending on the size of your goods and your desired delivery date. The material used to pack your belongings is adapted to withstand long journeys and will be packed by our professional staff. Depending on the volume of your household goods, they will either be packed in a container or a small wooden box.

For more information or a quote please contact one of our Move Managers at tel. 08-50011930

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