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ECA International surveyed current expats and the issues they faced with their international moves. We looked at some of the top issues to help you avoid the same mistakes.

Cost of living

A common answer by many was that they did not factor in how much it cost to live in their new country. You can avoid this pitfall by joining expat group or forums and checking with those who have moved previously. As well as researching around your local area, the cheaper shops may not be as near but could help you budget, especially at the beginning of settling in.

Availability of services and goods

Before you arrive look into what goods and services are readily available in your new area and what will not be. For instance, any food and shops you know in advance are not in your new home country you can research suitable alternatives. This will save you a lot of unnecessary searching and help you to settle in a lot quicker.


You may have an ideal type of home in mind that you would like to move to but it just might not be available or perhaps within your budget. Managing you housing expectations in advance through planning, research and taking advice from an impartial source will all be helpful in making sure you find a new home you will love.

Transportation issues

Look into the transportation available in advance. You may be moving to an area that does not have easy access to public transport meaning you will need to drive everywhere. Make sure you are happy with the modes of transport available in your new location.

In addition to shipping your items Crown can also provide support when you arrive through our settling in services. Helping to make sure your relocation is as smooth as possible. If you would like to find out more click here.

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