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Prepare what to expect

Once you know you will be relocating explain to your children that you will be moving. They may not fully understand what this means, so explain in detail what will happen. Consider finding story books about relocating so they can visually see what will happen to their own family.

Get them involved in packing

Take some time out of your deciding on what you want to keep to help them pack their toys. Putting aside a box and discussing with them what they would most like to keep and give away to other boys and girls will help them to feel like they are contributing. This means when you are getting the house ready they don’t feel left out and can understand why things are being organised.

Think slow with your time

Young children will take up a lot of your time on a normal day let alone while organising your families relocation. Try to give yourself as much time to plan your move as you can. Plenty of time will help you to keep calm and relieve some of the stress that comes with any home move.

Listen to your children’s concerns

As your move begins and your child starts to notice changes from the normal they may express to your concerns or feelings of unease. Take the time to check in with how they are feeling at every step of the way, just listening will help them to feel more a part of the changes.

Time your move

Circumstances may be against you when it comes to when you are relocating. However if you do have a choice in your moving schedule try to find a time that fits around a calm period in your child’s life. One major example will be relocating inside of school holidays if possible.

A bag for the day of your move

When you have discussed with your children what toys they would most like to keep and give away make sure to put aside their most favourite. You can pack these in a small backpack that they can keep with them during the move. These familiar items along with a favourite blanket will help to calm them during the move.

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Relocating with young children

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