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Relocating is a big deal. At Crown Relocations, we take the quality of our service and the personal care of our clients seriously. Although we have checks in place to ensure exceptional service at every stage of the relocation process, nothing says “outstanding service” as well as hearing it directly from our clients.


August 2018
"Excellent customer service manager and very good arrangement, totally met all our expectations."
Mr Gustaf G
Polismyndigheten to Kuala Lumpur


August 2018
"Very happy with Kerry, helpful and friendly!"
Mr Bjorn S
Stockholm to Brisbane


May 2018
"Sandra Lummi was very helpful. Always answered our questions quickly which helped make us feel in control. She is the one you trust in the process."
Mr Jorgen L
Linkoping to Araraquara


April 2018
"We are very satisfied with Crown and would like to thank them for their great support."
Mr Peter O
Gothenberg to Shanghai


March 2018
"Very friendly, helpful and professional. Always kept me informed."
Ms Anna Marie H
Bromma to Colombo


November 2017
"Extraordinary attention to detail and great customer support"
Mr Tomas M
Stockholm to Berlin


August 2017
“Very happy with Kerry, helpful and friendly!!” 
Mr Bjorn S.
Moved from Stockholm to Australia


May 2017
“Anne-Christine Guve: Anne -Christine has been very helpful during our contract period here in the US, always easy to reach and knowledgeable about storage, shipping, expenses. It's been a pleasure working with her since fall of 2010 and I will miss her now when I'm locally employed and not eligible to use Crowns services any longer.” 
Mr Jan S.
Moved from Stockholm to United States


April 2017
“My experience with CROWN is wonderful and I experienced great professional service.” 
Mr Bernhanu Y.
Moved from Sweden to Ethiopia


April 2017
“I am definitely going to recommend Crown to others. Awesome company, great service, great price!” 
Mr Niklas. H.
Moved from Sweden to USA


January 2017
“Sandra Lummi, Priscilla Maguire: Very nice to interact with. Extremely quick and uncomplicated when handling my claim for damaged goods.” 
Mr Marten L.
Moved domestically in Sweden


October 2016
“Crown did an amazing job, efficient and helpful” 
Mr Olof. H.
Moved from Sweden to the United Kingdom


September 2016
“The team who came and packed took good care of the items/furnitures” 
Mr Mattias Wagman
Moved from Sweden to Canada


September 2016
“My move manager Sandra Lummi is very professional and service minded” 
Mr Thomas E
Moved from Sweden to Saudi Arabia


September 2016
“Crown was very helpful, packed dedicated items super well.” 
Mr Martine Leclercq
Moved locally in Sweden


August 2016
“My move manager Anne-Christine Guve acted very helpful and prompltly” 
Mr Johan B
Moved from Sweden to Hong Kong

November 2015
“Overall was good, everything arrived on time and the guys were great. We were very satisfied.” 
Ms.Katarina. O.
Stockholm (Sweden) to Melbourne (Australia)


October 2015
“We are very satisfied with the move. A special thanks to the delivery crew in New York.”
Mrs. U.N
Stockholm (Sweden) to New York (USA)


October 2015
“All went well, thanks a lot!”
It was a great Crown team that helped us with throughout all steps in our relocation from Stockholm to our new home in Dame-Marie France. Thank you!"
Mr. M. R
Stockholm (Sweden) to Tokyo (Japan)


September 2015
“The transport of all our furniture items for the Josef Frank Exhibition in Vienna went very well and we are very satisfied with the packing skills and planning of this big assignment.”
Mr. M.S
Stockholm (Sweden) to Vienna (Austria)


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