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Internations, which is a social media platform for expatriates, has recently published the results of the Expat Insider 2015 survey, which they have conducted among their members. According to the responses from expatriates from 41 countries, Austria is the most popular country to live as expatriate families.  Austria and New Zealand top moving destinations

Austria is followed by Finland and Sweden as top international relocation destination for families, which rank particularly high with the low cost and high availability of childcare & education. Israel and New Zealand are ranked on 4th and 5th position, these two countries stand out especially regarding general well-being of expatriate families.

Austria gained this first place, moving up from the fourth position from last year’s 2014 survey. This top ranking is only partly due to its great availability of childcare and education services. Expatriates with kids in Austria are also very much satisfied with the low costs of education (82 percent) and its quality in general (92 percent). In addition the Alps Republic scored high regarding available leisure activities for kids and regarding health & safety for kids. An extremely high scoring was reached for the aspect of family life in general, which is seen as positive by 95% of the expats who have lived or still live in Austria.

On the other hand, this survey also reveals findings regarding countries that are not very attractive for families: According to the responses, Saudi Arabia is perceived to be the least attractive relocation destination for expatriate families: 16 percent of survey participants were generally dissatisfied with the general well-being of their children in Saudi Arabia. And another two percent of expatriates with kids are even completely unhappy with this factor. Other countries with low ranking in the 2015 survey in this regard were Brazil, Turkey, Qatar and Oman.

This survey included the results from 41 countries. To be considered in this survey, each country needed over 30 survey respondents raising their children abroad.

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