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Are you moving abroad from Nigeria but your partner cannot? Will you have to be both separated for a while? We give you some tips to keep the flame alive when one of you has moved overseas! 

One of the main concerns when people are planning to relocate abroad, mostly because of a good professional opportunity, is how to keep the relationship with their partner- if only one of them is relocating.  Luckily, nowadays technology allows us to keep in touch with anyone all over the world and long-distance relationships are possible – and quite common- among expatriates. 

Do you want to know some tips to keep the flame alive?

1. Be active on social media

Keep your partner updated about your activities and interests and be active on social media. Sometimes, you might both be busy and cannot connect or you might just want to use your talks for private issues. Then, you can use platforms such as FacebookInstagram or Path for some daily stuff.  For example, use check-in options on Facebook so your partner knows where you have been or mention on Path, the book you are currently reading. 

You can also “play” with the privacy options of the social media platforms, and for example, create a private Facebook album. 

2. Message your partner on the go

As if you were at home, you can message your partner when you are on the go. You can let him or her know where you are heading to, send some photos, complain about train delays… 

Apart from the well-known apps such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, you can also use apps specially designed for partners living far away, like Couple. Couple is an instant messaging app, which also has a partner calendar and specially-designed emojis for couples.

In any case, remember: communication is essential in any relationship, thus, don’t neglect it. Even if it’s just to say the silliest thing, it always counts when you are having a distance relationship.

3. Call and video call

One’s voice shows a lot of emotions. Thus, try to call as much as you can. Fortunately, nowadays, you don’t have to spend any cent if you want to call abroad. Skype, Ovoo, Facetime or even Whatsapp allow you to call – and video call -abroad for free. 

Try to add (video) calls as part of your daily routine and do things together within the call (for example, you can have dinner together or watch each ones favorite series!). It will feel like there is no distance between you!

4. Write Emails

Depending on the country you moved in, the time zone and the network available, it’s possible that the best way to be in touch with your loved one is by email. It might be a bit old-fashioned, true. But it’s always nice to receive a letter, isn’t it? 

5. Travel as much as you can

There is nothing like a kiss! If you relocate relatively near from your hometown and your job or studies allow it, there is no doubt that a short trip is the solution to all the problems! 

And most important if you need help with your relocation, don’t hesitate to contact our local experts!

Having a long distance relationship when you move overseas?

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