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At the end of February 2017, some 250 companies in Singapore are added on the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) triple weak watch list, for lack of efforts in hiring and nurturing a strong Singaporean workforce core, specifically at Professional, Managerial and Executive (PMET) level. This is an increase from 100 companies previously. The companies identified are from diverse industries such as Information and Communications Technology, financial, insurance and other professional services.

Companies added on MOM’s watch list who have not positively addressed their recruitment practices or taken measures to increase their local work force strength within a given timeframe, will have Employment Pass applications closely scrutinized and potentially withdrawn, renewals may be rejected and new work pass privileges issued to foreign professionals curtailed as well.

This is line with the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) implemented in 2014 which requires companies to review and consider applications from locals more rigorously and fairly for opening positions prior to hiring a foreign professional for these positions.

Incentives will be offered to companies that make consistent strong efforts to nurture and develop Singaporean core workforce, they will be given fast-lane access and support from MOM in terms of partnership. The Human Capital Partnership (HCP) program are enrolled with 74 companies with a combined workforce of about 100,000 Singaporeans, these companies are given fast access to the MOM’s schemes and quicker response to queries.


The mechanism of FCF watch list:-

1. The Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practice (TAFEP) will provide guidance to companies added on watch list to improve hiring practices for a period of six months.

2. Companies with continuous improvement and adoption of fair and progressive practices will be removed from the watch list. 

3. Those who are not co-operative and fail to follow the guidelines and recommendations may have their work pass privileges curtailed.


Remarks: While foreign manpower remains key component of Singapore’s workforce, companies must ensure the fair hiring practices and adopt a progressive approach in hiring and developing local workforce. 


The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore


Increased number of companies on MOM ‘triple weak’ watch list

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