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The Economist Intelligence Unit recently held its annual review of the world's most liveable cities.

Taking into consideration a range of factors from economic stability, healthcare, and culture to environment, education and infrastructure.

The assessment also evaluated which cities around the globe have the most and least enviable living conditions, with two countries in particular dominating the top ten – the traditional expat favourite Australia, and increasingly popular destination Canada.

  1. Auckland
    New Zealand's northerly harbour city - and the country's most multicultural and vibrant – is also headquarters to major international corporations and banks, boasting some of the country’s largest and best schools and universities.
  1. Perth
    Teaming with trendy wine bars and boutique eateries, Perth is defined by its stunning coastline and its outdoor-loving residents. Perth is Australia’s sunniest city, enjoying a Mediterranean climate with warm, hot summers.
  1. Helsinki
    Former World Design Capital and the hub of one of Europe’s most up and coming countries, Helsinki is a cultural melting pot of quirky couture art and design, but with a strong connection to nature and the outdoors.
  1. Sydney
    There’s more to this city than bright lights and stunning architecture. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll discover the city’s complex history, lush parks and vibrant artisan street markets.
  1. Calgary
    The city is famed for its Stampede Rodeo, fantastic winter sports, bountiful game hunting and fishing, tax-free shopping and, not least for its fossil fuel reserves. The relaxed lifestyle and beautiful sunshine is contagious.
  1. Adelaide
    The most elegant of all Australian cities with its tree-lined boulevards and superb Victorian parklands, makes Adelaide a hit with families. With parklands and white sandy beach sitting side by side, the city centre homes the headquarters to Australia’s largest oil company, as well as the country’s leading brewery. Cheers!
  1. Toronto
    Toronto is fun, with fine restaurants and award-wining theatre, opera, museums and art galleries - there is plenty to see and do. The downtown skyscrapers reflect the city’s status as Canada’s financial hub. After the working day, suits are swapped for shorts in the summer - or parkas and ice skates in the winter.
  1. Vancouver
    This Canadian city had been at the top of the liveability ranking for around a decade, but still makes it into the top three. Vancouver is home to a buzzy cultural scene and cosmopolitan population, including expats from Asia and first-generation Europeans. This ethnic mix is best reflected on a plate in one of Vancouver’s impressive restaurants.
  1. Vienna
    One of only two cities not located in either Australia or Canada, Vienna is a wealth of history and culture. The ‘City of Music’ is host to many major international organisations including the United Nations, and is a key destination for businesses, as well as expat and diplomatic communities. Vienna is also a hot spot for world-famous coffee houses and delicious pastries.
  1. Melbourne
    A city obsessed with art, food and coffee, teaming with slick galleries, fantastic architecture, independent bookshops, boutique cafes and iconic music venues - Melbourne is also home to several world-class universities and is the birthplace of Australian film, television, Aussie rules football, and the school of art movement.


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