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Office space planning plays a critical part in the office relocation process. Our projects range in size from redesigning just one room to managing an entire corporate relocation and space design. 

We’ll work closely with your business leaders and ‘employee champions’ to create a communication plan that addresses the all-important questions your employees will have: what, why, how and when. By reviewing short- and long-term business goals for your organization, projected staff numbers, workplace and technological standards, we can help to identify opportunities to maximize flexibility and in turn minimize alteration costs in the future. 

Your dedicated Project Move Manager will work in conjunction with our certified installers to provide on-site control and management of the installation for a smooth transition. You'll receive a thorough review of work spaces and support spaces (such as conference rooms, reception areas, and break areas). Items reviewed include work groups and workstation needs, equipment inventory, storage and filing, privacy requirements, ergonomic considerations, appearance, and any other items specific to your business.

We provide clients throughout the United States with planning and strategy services such as:

  • custom advice on space planning, interior design and installation
  • computer aided design/CAD
  • creation, coordination and maintaining an integrated schedule
  • space and furniture ergonomics
  • providing furniture budget and quotes
  • professional installation services


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