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Moving from Kenya  to another destination can seem a little daunting at the beginning. Many times, there is a lot of uncertainty about how it is going to be the life in the new country.
Somethings which always helps is to discover the experiences of other expats, to learn more about the daily lives and to have some tips for the settling process. 
Therefore, we have interviewed Francisco, an experience expat who left his beloved Argentina and crossed the Atlantic ocean direction Europe. After a “small” stop of 10 years in Spain, he has recently embarked into his second relocation and moved to Italy. 
Why did you decide to begin this adventure?
I wanted to travel and experience new cultures. I don’t know how to explain it but Argentina started to feel smaller and smaller.
How familiar were you with Italy before your departure? 
I had been in Italy before for tourism and I find Argentina and Italy very similar:  how we relate socially in and outside work,  the social activities, the role of the family… Actually, the Italian Sunday tradition of La pasta della nonna is also common in Argentina!  
Can you mention three positive things about living in Italy? 
The spectacular locations, the food, the people … And also the opportunity to learn and experience the culture and language of my ancestors.  
Did you experience any challenge during your relocation? 
Communication, especially when I have to write formal letters. Italians like to express in a formal and complex style, with a lot of rules and ornaments. Spanish style is more direct and to the point. 
The body language is also important to be learnt. In Italy, a conversation might not be the same if you cannot follow all the expressions and gestures! 
Any recommendations for the moving and any settling –in tips? 
Preparing in advance and having patience. Another thing to keep in mind at all times is that things most probably won’t be the same or work the same way as in the place you are coming from, so be open-minded and ready to learn.
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