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From finding the best deals to maximizing the space in your luggage – we give you the best tips for your trip home this Christmas!

Christmas is a must. This is what most – if not practically all the expats from Europe- would say when they are asked if they are traveling home for Christmas. And this visit needs to be carefully planned. If you aren’t the planner-organized type of person, check our tips: they will not only save you some time but probably some euros too!  

1.   Plan your meetings 

After months abroad, you must be eager to see old friends and family. Make a list of all the people you would like to meet and let them know with as much notice as possible when and for how long you will be there. 

2. Write a wish list

Try to think about these things you really like about your hometown – walking in a particular park, visit a certain shop or eat your favorite food- and set aside some extra time to do them. 

3. Don’t travel at peak times

If you have a bit of flexibility in your traveling times, try to avoid the days just before and after Christmas. Crowds, high-prices and the risk of delays and overbookings doesn’t really worth it!

4. Prepare your suitcase…

Think about what you would like to bring (gifts, clothes, etc.), what you cannot take and what you would like to take from home (any particular food you can’t find anywhere but in your hometown, some cheaper new clothes…).

5. …and think about the weight

In case you take the plane, remember the weight allowance you have. If you are planning to take many things back, it might be worth to travel with hand luggage in the ongoing flight and then check-in a suitcase for the return – you can take with you a foldable bag for this. 

6.    Duty-free airport areas 

What are you going to bring to your family and friends for Christmas? This one of the major concerns of many expats. Why not buy something in the duty-free at the airport? Take advantage of your airport time and make some last minute Xmas shopping!

the best tips for your trip home this Christmas

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