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Are you moving to China within the next few months and wondering how best to keep in touch with your current and future contacts? Do you have a bunch of questions about the country and would like to connect with locals and other expats for advice? 

Relocating to China is a big step. Many expats turn to social networks, not only to talk with their friends and families but also to get information about China and establish new contacts. Knowing what social networks are popular in China and becoming familiar with them before you even relocate from Russia can be extremely beneficial

With more than 846 million active users, WeChat is the most popular networks among the Chinese population. Interestingly enough, expats in China are more avid users of this app than Chinese!

In fact, according to recent figures released by WeChat, expats in China sent 60% more messages than Chinese in WeChat, as well as 45% more emojis, made 42% more voice calls and 13% more voice calls. 

Why is the app so successful? According to the company themselves, WeChat combines instant messaging with social entertainment. This means that, apart from having text and multimedia messages and calls, the users can also play games, booking flights, make investments, shopping and even transfer money. And expats make use of this. Six out of ten of them use it for transportation, food deliveries, booking restaurants and hotels and online shopping.

However, WeChat is also used as an information and advice tool for many expats. According to the Shanghai Daily, foreigners subscribe to accounts that offer information, community news and advice on several issues that might concern expatriates, such as visa information, education or Chinese learning. 

Don’t forget: if you have questions about China and your future relocation, you can also contact your local Crown representative in Russia!

Moving to China: Connecting with expats and locals

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