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One of the biggest concerns in a relocation process is meeting the application deadlines with the requirements of the countries immigration office. In some cases, as in the United States, it is difficult to know in advance when you will know the status. The estimated processing time for a work visa application is calculated from the date the completed application is received by the immigration office, whether at an office in your host country or an overseas consulate. This is only an estimation and does not guarantee an application will be finalized within the estimated time.

Individual case processing times may be longer due to medical follow-up, missing, incomplete or inaccurate documentation or if an interview is required.

While your work permit application is pending, please note that you CAN (DO) the following:

  • Visit the host country for business meetings, observing operations, general orientation and preview trips ONLY. Your anticipated stay should not be longer than 5-7 business days.

  • Notify the Crown immigration team of your travel plans. They will coordinate business visas with your Global Mobility team and any other required steps if needed.

  • Ensure you and your accompanying family members hold a valid travel document/passport with more than one year validity.

  • If required, obtain official translation and/or legalization of relationship document, such as marriage certificate and birth certificate, if the document is not in English.

  • Understand that while Crown endeavors to process every visa application to the best of our ability and within the agreed timeframe, immigration authorities are responsible for granting the visa type and amount of time they deem necessary to process a visa application.

  • Government authorities can make overnight changes in immigration regulations without announcement.

While your work permit application is pending, please note that you CANNOT (DON’T):

  • Start your assignment in the host country. This includes:

-   Performing productive or any profit-earning activities that do not fit within the scope of a general business visit (attending business meetings/discussions, making sales calls, attending a conference or seminar)

-   Do billable work for your clients in the host country for any type of service

-   Managing staffs

-   Facing off to external regulators

-   Speaking or acting on behalf of the host business entity

-   Performing trading activities

-   Working on an internal audit projects

-   Giving training or receiving training 

-   Preparing tenders and due diligence  

  • Receive any remuneration from the employer in the host country before your work permit application is approved

  • Enter the host country with one-way airfare ticket

  • Obtain business cards showing the host country business address

  • Travel to your host country for business purposes with a copy of your new letter of assignment and/or offer letter

  • Finalize your rental agreement in the host country

To avoid problems while visiting the USA, contact our offices in the United States who can assist you in the process.

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