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If you have been relocated to Prague, you will be delighted by the Easter season, a good opportunity to learn more about this amazing city.Experience Prague at Easter

The well-known Easter Markets in Prague date back from a long time before the communist era and were deeply associated with religious holidays. Under communism they have suffered a stop, as the religious aspects were banned and the Easter holidays were downgraded to welcoming spring only. Since the fall of communism, the Easter Markets in Prague experienced a renaissance. Czechs, tourists and expatriates are walking around the stalls and soak up the atmosphere that still prevails.

Easter markets in Prague contain handicrafts, all kinds of food and drinks, and therewith present the beautiful customs of traditional Czech Easter.The market is located in the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. There are over 100 stalls with varieties of handicrafts, wooden toys, Czech crystal and glassware, jewellery, metal-ceramic, candles, embroidered linens, beautifully dressed puppets and dolls.

The most common item are brightly colored Easter eggs painted by hand by Czech ladies dressed in traditional costumes. But you cannot only make purchased on the Easter markets in Prague. Tastes and smells are equally enticing, tasty bratwurst and iced cold Pilsner beers are available for culinary experiences. Several stalls also have large hams roasting on spits. Moreover, there are a variety of Czech traditional sweets to try, like 'trdelník', a warm sweet pastry.

The scenes on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square include dancers traveling through the Czech Republic to practice their performances.

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