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No matter the reason for your relocation from Turkey, if you are thinking about continuing your studies abroad or having some international experience, fear and doubts can be your biggest enemies at the moment of making the right decision for you. 

If you need some inspiration for moving abroad, we tell you 5 good reasons to move abroad:  

1. Learning another language

A language cannot be learned without effort, but it definitely helps if you are living in the country where it is spoken. Expat Insider survey data indicates that 43% of the expats feel confident in communicating in the local language that it’s different from their mother tongue, which it’s also beneficial for professional and personal life. 

2. Be a happy expat

According to the 2017 Expat Insider survey, the large majority of expats considers themselves happy (78%) — one in five is even very happy (20%). So, if you think your happiness could be improved, start looking after your borders!

3. Find your other half!

Believe it or not, moving abroad transforms you and it seems it has an impact on your chances to find your “other half”! Did you know that every fourth expat in a stable relationship has met his or her partner after relocating?

4. Expand your social circle

A study tracking the personality development between students who studied abroad and students who remained in their home country showed how the ones who studied abroad were more extrovert, agreeable and open to others than their home country counterparts. 

5. Better problem solving skills

Having an open-minded attitude towards other cultures seems to be related to better problem-solving skills. We are not saying that by living abroad you will find “the idea” to open your business or the solution to your never-ending research thesis – which could be-, but it might definitely help you to see the world with different eyes, and help you making more informed and original decisions. 

If you have made the decision to relocate, our local experts will be able to help you with all the process.


Five unquestionable reasons to relocate abroad

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