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This coming Sunday, mothers across 47 countries will be showered with appreciation, flowers and love from their children. It is a day to honour and celebrate all women who are mothers, taking on the toughest yet important job, and being ‘there’ for her children and family. 

As an international relocation company helping families move for over 50 years, we support mothers who are planning for their relocation from A to Z, offer mothers a wide range of fun stuff to help their kids enjoy the moving process - which books or toys to bring or donate, offer them intercultural training, and provide advice on schooling.

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Supermom, Shaila Gidwani, APAC Regional Manager for Intercultural Language Training and Partner Support Practice, is helping parents in the transformation and providing cultural support to settle in easier at new home. Shaila has been selected MOM WHO ROCK by Little Steps Asia, one of the most prominent platforms for providing insights and advice for parents in Asia.

If you want to learn more from other supermoms and meet Shaila, check out Little Steps Asia as well as watch this Q&A with Shaila to learn more on how to prepare yourself and your family for a move to another country and be ready culturally and emotionally for the new adventure.


Intercultural Language Training and Partner Support Practice

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