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Many expats find packing to be the most stressful part of their move. Make your move easy with these top tips …

1) How big is the move?

Before you pack up your belongings, consider the size of your move – are you temporarily relocating, moving alone or with your family? 

Depending on your new accommodation, what you need to move will also vary considerably. If the move is temporary, you may want to place your furniture into storage. 

Tip: Outline exactly what will be involved – in terms of quantity and the size of belongings and furnishings – to help you determine what you’ll need to take.


2) Packing alone versus professional help 

Packing alone can be exhausting – both mentally and physically. Large items can be extremely difficult to pack and often require specialist knowledge to prevent damage. Professional movers have years of experience packing people’s precious belongings. They understand different types of moves and scenarios, and will provide all of the packing materials needed.

Tip: Pack your suitcases and move them to a safe place, such as a trusted neighbor’s home. This will prevent them being accidentally packed with your goods. 


3) Good housekeeping 

To make things a little easier for your moving crew, ensure your house is in a “move-friendly” state. Unplug appliances, roll up rugs and disassemble as much as you can. Ensure items you won’t be taking are disposed of prior to moving day – this way you won’t arrive to your new home with lots of odds and ends. 

Tip: Donate any unwanted goods to charity, sell items online or have a garage sale.

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