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An international relocation takes a lot of time, planning and patience. Moving, working and living overseas is the best way to experience a country and by far the most fun you will ever have. Moving from Turkey: Finding a job and school

Here are a few tips on finding employment and sourcing a school abroad.

International employment
One of the easiest ways to secure a position abroad is to ask your company for a transfer. This usually works best if you are employed for an international company and if they have a transfer programme in place.
If the company isn’t in a position to offer you a new job, the parent company or even competitors might have opportunities you could explore. Another option is to find an overseas employment service who can match up your skills with available roles and distribute your CV.The other option is to search for jobs on the internet but you will have to do this well in advance of your move and schedule the time to travel to interviews.

International schools
If you are moving with children, then you will need to find a suitable school or a kindergarten. Most countries offer three choices – state, private and international.
International schools are popular among expatriates because they provide a similar curriculum and grading system to the home educational system. Although international schools can be expensive, depending on your child’s age and the school so it’s important to consider fees when making a decision. And also consider that most international schools have a waiting list, so register your child early to ensure their place
If you have young children may be suited to a local state school as they can adapt more easily to a new culture and language; whereas older children may find it difficult.

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