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For most of us, relocating means leaving a part of our life behind and starting a new one, often in a new and unfamiliar environment. One of the most important parts of this process is deciding what belongings to take and how to transport them to the new country. 

To help you in this process, we have gathered our most important tips to ensure you have all your important belongings with you – no more, no less  and that they arrive with you on time.

1. Think about what is available in your destination 

Are you packing summer clothes but relocating to a Nordic country? Do you want to take local food that you might also find in your new country? Avoid taking unnecessary items by checking what is available in your new country and what clothing is advisable to take according to the local weather conditions.

2. Pack your suitcases first

Consider which things you need to take with you during the journey to your new country. Think about the objects you will need during the trip and during the initial days and weeks in your new destination. If you are travelling with children, consider adding some entertainment for the journey – games, books, films – to make the trip interesting and motivating. 

3. Before the packers come…

Make a list of all the furniture and object you have to pack and transport. Is there anything valuable among them? Will you need any of these things for your trip? Make sure that you have passports, money and other important documents with you as you might need them during the trip and during the first few days in your new country.

4. Let the packers pack

Avoid packing your belongings yourself. Expert packers will assist you and protect your furniture in a way that will minimise movement during the trip. Inform them of all the delicate items that you have so they can pack them with additional protection.

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