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Moving to the US, having your own American dream, is something a lot of us would like to achieve some day. However, too often, it ends up being an idealistic wish more than a reality. 
If you are seriously considering the possibility of a relocation to the US, it might worth to compare some key facts of both countries, in order to can have a realistic overview of whether or not moving to the US is a good choice for you – or if you should focus on other countries! 
While life in Poland is indoor-focused during half of the year – due to the winter weather-, your lifestyle in the US can depend widely on where you live exactly. Despite being one single country, US consists of 50 states with completely different climates. For example, by living in Florida, you can easily take part in outdoor activities (i.e. swimming, surfing or biking) all-year round. However, if you relocate towards the north, such as in Chicago, you will experience the four seasons – this means, snowing and cloudy winters but also hot and sunny summers.  
Moving around – bye-bye public transport!
If you are moving to the US, you should be aware that unless you are relocating to a big city such as New York, public transport is not the most common transportation method. Americans like – and sometimes have to- move by car. Long distances contribute to this fact, therefore, before any relocation decision, check your transportation options and if they are convenient for you.  
Customer service
Something you will probably highly appreciate if you relocate to the US, it is the extremely friendly customer service. No matter if you go to an expensive restaurant, fast food chain or corner shop, all the employees will treat you with a smile on their faces. 
Communication styles
While we take more time to develop relationships with people and some people say we are more direct are direct in our conversations, Americans have a different approach. American politeness makes their conversations…. A bit indirect. For example, when a Pole might say: “Can I borrow your pen?” and American might say “Would it be possible that I use your pen for a second?”. 
On the other hand, Americans are naturally turned to start conversations with strangers more frequently, which it can be really helpful during your settling in process. 
Money and work
According to the CIA World Factbook, the GDP per capital in the US is $52,800, while in Poland is $21,000. However, it is important to remember that the cost of living it is also much cheaper in Poland than in the US. 
A good point for moving to the US is the fact while the unemployment rate in Poland is around 10.30% according to the CIA World Factbook, the US unemployment moves around 7%. Not only you will be more likely to have a job in the US, but also you are more like to work fewer hours. Indeed, OECD data indicates that the average annual working hours in Poland are of 1918. In the US “only” 1788! So, if you want to have more free time, US should be definitely on your list!
Poland and the USA: What to know before a relocation

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