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Working in San Francisco is like a gold band: powerful, precious, valued and an infinite loop. San Francisco is the 14th-largest city in the United States and the 4th-largest in California. The city thrives when during boom times. The gold strike boom of the 1800s, the free love, anti-war, liberal culture movement of the 1960s and 70s and the Silicon Valley boom that continues today. The best of the best work here: programmers, chefs, doctors, lawyers, financial experts, musicians, craftsman, truck drivers, designers of the future and protectors of the past.


Business in San Francisco is a fast-paced environment, with challenges, opportunities, events you guide and innovations you create. If you grab the brass ring here, your career can take you from a numbered cubicle one minute to the corner office on the 70th floor in the Transamerica Building. Life is good.

Working in San Francisco is not all about work. You are minutes from the beach, two hours from the mountains and an hour away from wine country. Surfing at dawn, skiing at dusk, winetasting in the vineyards by moonlight; she offers it all. This 7-mile-by-7-mile city offers the benefits of bright lights and big city action. The city defines diversity: Rembrandt to rock and roll, baseball to ballet, seaside to skyscraper.

Tree-lined streets with houses and backyards are minutes away from the hustle of downtown. Your home is not just a space in a building but an oasis where relaxation and reflection transition into inspiration. You reach for that bottle of Napa white and pour yourself a glass of the nectar of the gods. You build a fire – in your backyard fire pit – calmly setting sights on the future. Serenity found. You feel “There’s no place better than this right now.”

As you prepare for tomorrow’s trek to your downtown nirvana, you ponder the meaning of life. Your memory visits the sunset seen from your corner office. You remember the history of the Haight, the power of the Coit Tower, the sea lions barking at Pier 39, then you take a breath. Working in San Francisco is that infinite loop. 

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