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Having a clear list of all your belongings before contacting international moving companies, will help you to assess better the best deals.

Are you planning an international relocation from Turkey to a new destination? If so, you might be ready to walk around your house, pen and paper in hand, writing down all the belongings that you have to start preparing your move.

However, if you are willing to add a bit more effort to the task, you can have a full list of items you own, with its approximate value, condition and final use.This is called a home inventory and its benefits are numerous. For example:

  • It becomes a checklist to ensure you’ve received all your belongings – in proper condition – upon arrival.
  • You know exactly what you had at origin and what you should have at destination.
  • You realise how many shoes, books or family “souvenirs” you have

How to get started

Before you begin with the inventory, try to:

  • Get rid of any items that you are not going to take with you.
  • Choose how you are going to organize your inventory (by type of room of the items, by item category…)
  • Decide on whether you will create a paper-based inventory or a digital one
  • Search of important receipts and store them with them the home inventory so everything’s in one place for easy retrieval.

Now create your list

Perform your inventory in an orderly fashion, walking through each room and each level. Make sure your list is neat and clear.

1. Copy the most important documents and store them separately from your originals to keep them safe in case the originals are lost or damaged. Consider backing up your electronic files onto an external hard drive or the cloud.

2. Take a photo or videotape your valuables.

3. Make a list of all your items. At the very least, your inventory list should have the date and the following columns:

  • Item
  • Value
  • Room

4. Write down the value of your items (an estimate, the actual price or the appraisal value). If you need to make a claim to your home insurance company or to your movers, you’ll know the value of each item.

5. Note the room, this will help you place the items in your new home more easily.

6. Make sure you only cover one room at a time so your list is organized and clear. Open drawers and cabinets. One-room-at-a-time is also a good way to pack when you’re ready.

7.  Do open jewelry boxes, toolboxes and other cases/plastic storage bins to record everything valuable inside.

8. Add any large appliances on your inventory list and note the make, model and serial number.


After you finish the home inventory, you will have a clear picture of all the things you would like to take and you will be ready to ask for a quotation.  However, it is also possible that you are ensure on whether or not you can take certain objects or on how they can be transported.  In that case, talking directly with an expert, such as our move managers, can be the best soluti

The home inventory, the first step to plan your move

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