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If you’re dreaming of relocating to New Zealand like many expatriates, you’re perhaps looking for a peaceful way of life, in an attractive country with sunny weather and where most people are kindly. Check out a few interesting facts about life in New Zealand so you can start planning your move. Why expatriates love life in New Zealand

Balanced lifestyle
Having a working life here is important but having a balance is also considered to be vital. You won’t have to waste hours commuting to work as everything is close and even in the largest cities a beach, park, green areas or biking line are nearby.
Thy is why New Zealand usually ranks at the top or near of so many global work & life balance surveys every year.

Weather and landscape
New Zealand has a good weather and generally involves warm, summers are dry with mild wet winters. There aren’t any extremes conditions and it barely snows so year round it’s easier to have an enjoy a healthier and warmer outdoors lifestyle.
It is also rich in amazing out-doors spaces that can be discovered. Lovely beaches, stunning native forests, mountains, lakes and fjords packed into a compact country means they’re all easy to get.

Big houses
When it comes to properties in New Zealand, there is plenty of options. Families can get spacious houses in the suburbs. There is the choice of living on a larger land outside the city or living close to the sea at an affordable cost. For young expatriates there are amazing apartments with great views by the sea.

Healthcare system
If you are a resident or hold a work long term visa valid for two years or more, the public healthcare system in New Zealand is mostly free This is possible thanks to heavy government subventions, although you can also choose for a private healthcare insurance.
If you hold a temporary visa, you may still be eligible for using some services. It’s also recommendable that people who are not entitled for publicly healthcare services hire a travel insurance with health insurance.

Family benefits
New Zealand is probably one of the best places you could ever live in if you have a family. You can select a home that everyone will be like it, and you’ll enjoy excellent public healthcare system and public services.
Besides having an affordable and high quality education for your children, they will be able to close to nature and enjoy an incredibly different range of healthy sport and outdoor activities. You’ll also find some things are cheaper, while other things are more expensive than in other countries but in general there shouldn’t be a big difference in the day-to-day cost of living.
According to a recent expat’s survey, approximately 70% of expats confirm their children are more confident and experienced from their time spent living in New Zealand.

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