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Cradled between the sparkling Pacific Ocean and the Blue Mountain ranges is Sydney. Water truly dominates this coastal city, with its world-famous beaches (think Bondi), its range of fantastic outdoor saltwater baths and one of the world’s most picturesque harbors.

Curled around Port Jackson, Sydney unfurls around numerous delightful coves and secluded bays. The venerable Sydney Harbor Bridge links the city’s original South side central business district to the more recently developed North Shore.

The city’s celebration of the arts, stemming from its iconic Sydney Opera House, is evident throughout. Sculpture gardens, street art, eclectic architecture and vibrant artisan street markets blend together in a visual cornucopia.

Parks proliferate throughout the city, carnivals mob the streets, and gleaming silvery displays in the country’s biggest fresh fish market give way to chic shopping and buzzing business districts. Sydney’s warm summers and mild winters make it a magnet for people in search of the Australian dream. Indeed, Australia’s economic and financial hub lures no fewer than 40,000 newcomers every year for the work and lifestyle opportunities on offer.


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