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As the only international relocation company based in Turkey, with a global network of offices in some 60 countries,  Crown Relocations is in a unique position to guide you through the international moving process. 
Crown Turkey’s Customer Services Coordinator, Sezai Akbiyuk, shares 5 things you need to know for your international move:
1) Check with Crown Relocations what documents you will need for customs clearance at destination. For international moves to France, Spain, Portugal amongst others, you will need to obtain a document from their Consulate in Turkey before you leave the country!
2) If you moved internationally to Turkey before 2012, you may have paid a refundable customs deposit for a temporary import permit. To reclaim this deposit, it’s important that the temporary permit is extended correctly until you leave Turkey, and that you take all major electronic and electrical items with you in your shipment. 
3) Cosmetics and Medicines (together with the prescription) can be included within your Household Goods shipment. However, take special note of guidelines about the maximum temperatures they should be stored at as temperatures in the container can get extremely high.
4) Never include Alcohol or Tobacco in your Household Goods shipment from Turkey.
5) At least 24 hours before packing day, disconnect and defrost your fridge and remove the filter from your washing machine and dishwasher to make sure they are all clean and dry before packing. 


About the author

Sezai Akbiyuk

Sezai joined Crown Turkey as Customer Services Coordinator in 2012. With expertise and extensive experience in managing moves both to and from Turkey, Sezai is always ready to share his know-how to ensure a successful relocation.

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