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The Russian Federation, or more simply, Russia, is a mosaic-like and ever-changing country.

From the Vikings through to the Duchies, Tsars, Cossacks and Communist revolutionaries, Russia’s tumultuous history and heroic struggles have produced generation-upon-generation of iconic leaders.

Here you can find the longest river in Europe (the Volga); the highest point in the Caucasus, Russia and Europe (Mount Elbrus); and the Ural mountain range that divides Europe and Asia.

Perhaps one Europe’s least understood societies, (by outsiders, of course), Russia is often described as mysterious and strange. As one Swedish businessman remarked: “You can love Russia or you can hate it; but you’ll never remain indifferent to it.”



Moscow, the capital and most populous city of the Russian Federation, echoes with a revolutionary fervor as faded as the pastels of its minarets and...
St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

Majestic Saint Petersburg, the "City of Three Revolutions," reclines on the banks of the mighty Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland in the...

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