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Moving with Teenagers

However difficult it may seem, it's an invaluable experience for all

Grown children are more likely to understand your reasons for moving and appreciate the many wonderful experiences that living in a new place offers. They may even be excited about planning to visit you.

However, you may still face challenges. If you have children away at school, they may need to make other arrangements for their vacation and summer breaks, and moving home after graduation may no longer be an option. In the end, your move may help them become more independent and responsible.

Grown children who are living on their own or have started a family may be concerned about being so far away from you, especially if your family is used to getting together often. Reassure them that you will keep in touch by email and phone, and take advantage of free or low-cost Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services that enable you to talk live via the Internet and see who you are speaking with. If possible, plan a reunion in your new destination or meet somewhere in between.

Of course, your children may very well decide that they’d like to move with you. College and university students may want to explore universities in your new area. Grown children of all ages may welcome the opportunity to experience living in a new city. If they have children of their own, exposure to another region can be a wonderful experience for the entire family.

Crown has successfully helped families with older children prepare for domestic and international moves and ensured that everyone’s needs were met. We’re happy to share our expertise!

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