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Relocating internationally is an exciting and rewarding experience. However, the beginning of the journey can be a bit stressful as you adjust to a new culture, establish new friendships and become familiar with your new surroundings.

Your smartphone can be an excellent companion during some of these daunting moments, after all, there’s an app for everything now. We’ve picked out the top ten essential apps that any expat should have.

1. Docusign

Just landed in a new country and need to sign a document related to your previous property? Docusign will help you with this. You can easily sign documents using your electronic signature wherever you are. The signature is legally binding and you can check the status of the document from the same app.

2. Packing Pro

If you’re afraid of forgetting anything when you’re relocating internationally, try Packing Pro. This app provides you with personalized lists according to your destination, the weather there and your planned activities – you can even manage lists for multiple people. 

3. Nearify

If you find yourself in the midst of your destination with some spare time, check out Nearify. This app informs you about the nearby places to go, the upcoming events and the popular artists. Moreover, it gives you personalized recommendations based on previous searches and likes. 

4. Time Out

The well-known Time Out magazine also has its own app available in more than 20 international cities. You can find the latest events, restaurant recommendations and a trip planner for local and worldwide use. 

5. Lianna

When you arrive in a new city, one of the first things you’ll want to do is meet like-minded people. However, this can be hard when you are not fluent in the local language. Use Lianna to connect with people nearby who speak your language.

6. Meetup

Another useful app for connecting with new people is Meetup. You just need to set your location and plenty of Meetup groups will appear. The groups can range from social gatherings for expats to yoga lessons, depending on your preferences.

7. Google Translate

If you’re still finding it tough to speak the local language, Google Translate can give you a helping hand. You can write any sentence in your own language and it will be automatically translated into the desired language. 

8. Citymapper

One of the most common problems that expats face when living abroad is finding the easiest ways to get around. Citymapper offers you detailed information about your journeys, in real-time and with disruptions alerts.

9. Postagram

If you want to keep in touch with your relatives and friends, Postagram allows you to send personalized postcards straight from your phone. 

10. XE Currency

Depending on your relocation destination, you may have to change currency. This can be troublesome, especially when deciding if the item you are trying to purchase is a good deal. XE Currency calculates the equivalent amount in your desired currency, with current exchange rates.


10 apps to make your expat life easier

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