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Are you planning to move abroad in 2018? Are you in your 20s or 30s? Are you a digital native? Then you are a good candidate to be a millennial expat!

Expats, people who live outside their native country, are everywhere. Even though, it’s hard to have exact figures, the UN estimated in 2015 that around 244 million people moved abroad. 

However, there are many types of expats: career-focused singles, adventure-seekers, sun lovers… Those ones between 20s and 30s are called “the millennial generation”, but not all of them have a truly millennial expat spirit. Do you? Let’s test it!


1. During your day, you probably use several digital devices. Do you think that you have a good understanding of digital technology?

2. We are currently living in a complex society. Do you find it easy to be tolerant towards people with different ideas? 

3. Stop for a moment this test, and check your smartphone, have you taken more than 10 selfies during the last week?

4. Do you have more than three apps which offer you personalised services –(for example, shopping suggestions, images adjustments for flawless skin, etc.)

5. Technology is making communications easier than ever before. Are you currently volunteering in any organization or working group (virtual or face-to-face) to try to solve or fight against a particular issue?

6. If every day you do the same, do you find it hard to keep the routine and you are eager to engage with new experiences (from trying a new dish to visiting a new country)?

7. Have you created any thinking “new” during the last week (written a story, personalised your clothes, prepared a recipe in a different way, use new filters in some photos…)? 

8. If there is suddenly a change of plans, would you easily adjust to it?


If you have answered to five or more questions yes, then welcome to the “millennial expat” club! 

According to a research carried out by SYZYGY, this means that, among your most important traits, are a good command of digital technology, being tolerant and cooperative, and having an adventurous spirit. All these important if you are planning to move internationally in 2018!


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