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The Theunissen family was moving from Durban, South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya.Being there However, everybody was concerned about how 'Prince', a two year-old Golden Retriever and a very important member of the family, would handle the transition.

The family wanted 'Prince' to be taken care of in Durban until all the members of the family had moved to Nairobi, were settled and were ready to take 'Prince' in. This meant that 'Prince' needed a lot of care and attention during the transition.

Charmine and Dumisani of the Crown Durban team came to the rescue. 'Prince' was moved to Crown under their care and attention and in fact the Crown team treated him like a true prince and when the time came, 'Prince' arrived at Nairobi well rested and happy to start afresh in his new home.

Needless to say, the Theunissen family was over the moon to find Prince in such good spirits!

Thank you Crown Durban!

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