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Relocating is one of the best adventures your children will ever have. They will make new friends, change their home, discover new places… Despite all the benefits, this opportunity will bring them, you might be a little bit nervous about how the adjustment process will be like. To help your children having a soft settle in, we have gathered some of the best tools to prepare them for the move!

Moving House by Anne Civardi

For the smaller ones, this book will show how moving is a positive experience and a discovery journey in a new environment. The colorful illustrations will catch your child’s attention and after reading it, he or she will be ready to embark on the relocation journey!

The Moving Book: A Kids’ Survival Guide by Gabriel Davis

Those who are a bit older might be searching for a bit more of “adventure” and with this book, the adventure will be guaranteed! Filled with tips on how they can prepare for the move and how to adjust once they are in their new home, this book is also full activities – from postcards to send to friends and relatives with the new address to games to play with during the trip.

And So To Bed

Preparing your children for the relocation is important, but also preparing them for their new daily routines. Routines help us settle in easier, making our journey through unfamiliar paths a little bit smoother. Either for establishing some new routines after the relocation or just to readjust the sleeping patterns of your child after a long trip, And So To Bed is your app. Through different tasks in common scenes, such as kitchen, bathroom or a book, your app will interact with a cat, helping it during its own bedtime tasks – and hopefully encouraging your child to do them too!
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