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Need a local mobile number. How do you get connected?

In South Africa we have what we call RICA ‘The Regulations of Interception of Communications and provision’. This means that when you purchased a SIM card you must first register the SIM card to your name before you can make calls.

For a South African Citizen

According to RICA to get a SIM card, you will have to present your Green SA ID book and your proof of residence (which can be various recent Tax Invoices which has your physical address on such as; telephone bill, rates & taxes bill, bank statements, rental invoice, etc)

For a Non-South African Resident

As a Non-South Africa resident you will have to provide your VISA, Passport and provide a proof of residence (which is sometimes difficult especially if you are only in the country for a short period of time).

For an Expatriate arriving at the airport

For Expatriates needing South African SIM cards, and registering your new SIM with RICA is easier, faster and pain free. Once you have arrived at OR Tambo International Airport and you have exited the Arrivals section, keep to your right hand side and you will find 3 different service provider stores (CellC, MTN & Vodacom).It is here where you may purchase a SIM card and RICA just by presenting your Passport. There is no need for a proof of residence if you obtain RICA at the airport on your arrival.

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Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I joined Crown World Mobility in October 2014. Experience in Immigration, Mobility, Marketing, Human Resources and Attestations. My passion is children, cakes and crafts.

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