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Every year, people around the world celebrate the United Nations’ World Tourism Day on September 27. 

2017 focuses on how sustainable tourism can contribute to economic, social and environmental development, and the potential of the sector to improve the quality of people’s lives. With that in mind, and to commemorate the day, we’ve put together the following tips to help you make the most of your expatriate experience – whether you’re about to become, or already are, an expat.

1) Embrace your new home country with a willingness to learn and discover new things. Your host country is very much your new home country. In order to be happy you need to see it as such. Step out of your comfort zone – by giving into your curiosity you will be able to adapt to your new surroundings. 

2) Learn the language (or at least a few phrases) of the country. This will not only give you cultural insights, but is a great way to connect with the local community and its people in a more meaningful way.

3) Travel locally. It can be tempting to focus travels on going back home or exotic top locations. Don’t forget to explore the city you are in and even your own neighborhood. 

4) Do something that you would never do at home. If you can’t dance, take Tango lessons in Argentina. If you can’t sing, rent a karaoke box in Japan. Remember that living abroad is all about new experiences and as the saying goes, when in Rome … 

5) Talk. Share experiences with those you meet. It will make you feel “normal” and you will learn from others, too. By sharing your experiences you’ll make new friends and settle in quicker. 

“It’s so easy to get busy with the day-to-day and forget to make the most of your time abroad,” says Alyssa Bantle, Crown’s Intercultural and Languages Services Curriculum Manager. “That’s why we encourage expats to create clear personal and professional goals during intercultural training. Like your goals, these tips will help you use your experience as a chance to learn and grow – and have a lot of fun.”

And finally, respecting our world and all that makes us different and unique will enhance your experience. The World Tourism Organization is asking travelers to commit to being more responsible and pledging to #TravelEnjoyRespect on World Tourism Day. The campaign wants to engage tourists (and expats alike) in making the tourism sector a catalyst for positive change. Download their tips for a responsible traveler here.

World Tourism Day

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