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As where you live can influence your happiness, focus on what matters during your international home search! 

Preparing for a relocation is not an easy task and many times, one needs to sort out plenty of things with a very limited time. How am I going to transport my belongings? Am I going to store the furniture or ship it abroad? Which type of health insurance would it be the best?  Among these things, there is one which can’t be delayed: choosing your new home.

But how do you know which things matter the most when you relocate to an unfamiliar country? Here are our tips to start the search: 

1.    Affordability

Your available income in the new country will depend on many factors. Taxes, cost of living… Considering all these before starting the home search will help you set a realistic budget for your future home. 

2.    Location

The location is of one of the main aspects to focus on when searching for a new home abroad. Some important questions to ask yourself are: 

- Is it convenient for work?

- Can my children easily go to school and to other extra-curricular activities?

-  is there public transport nearby or a school bus route?

- Are there shops and other amenities within a reasonable distance?

- Is it a quiet and family friendly area?

3.    Pets

If you have pets, include them in the “choosing home” process. If you are looking for an apartment, is it big enough? Is it well protected so there is no risk of escaping? Are there convenient green areas and parks nearby for the daily walks?

Some landlords might be reluctant to allow pets, therefore, it is important to always ask during the initial home visits if pets are allowed and if so, if there are any particular rules to consider.  

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