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More than ever the attraction of being an expatriate is increasing especially among the millennials. More and more millennials are choosing to become expats mainly due to appealing job opportunities, higher quality of life and a weighty pay check.

What makes moving abroad particularly attractive to the millennials? They have grown up in a digital society, are skilled at multi-tasking and place a strong emphasis on work-life balance. They tend to be open-minded, risk takers and makes them ‘global’ in their outlook – a perfect situation for someone who want to start an expat adventure!

Here are some of the reasons why millennials want to move abroad.

Searching for Work/life balance

Millennials want to have a perfect balance between their professional and personal lives. In addition, there are other factors that make moving to a foreign country attractive and these include affordable accommodation, high income, clean environment, access to affordable and universal healthcare system and safety at professional and personal space.

Ambition and aspiration

Millennials are driven by aspiration and ambition to achieve a successful life. This is demonstrated in a clear desire to travel around the world and have the features of a successful life. In most of the cases, moving abroad helps reaching financial goals easily and owning property faster. Also there is a big improvement in the quality of life as a result of relocating overseas. So whether it’s the reason, better pay check or a better quality of living, relocating abroad seems to be the key to happiness to millennials.

Always on the move

Unlike traditional career paths, millennials like career opportunities that are dynamic and moveable. Remote jobs provide the required flexibility and independence which is increasingly becoming order of the day. This innate ability of millennials draws them to portable and dynamic opportunities regardless of the location. 

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Millennials are choosing to become expats

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