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Relocating with all your household overseas can usually range from a few hundred euros to tens of thousands depending on what you want to move and where. 

There are a lot of things that goes within the price of a relocation: considerations like weight or volume, packing supplies, distance or shipping track, port taxes, destination costs, admission and insurance. You will need expert advice from professionals who have the experience to handle every detail in order to have a successful relocation.

Frequently, your first step is to check or call a company online to do some research. Rather than offer to send an expert to your home to chat your needs, timing, special requirements and to check your belongings, there are some enterprises who will offer an estimate over the phone or online. But be careful of phone or online quotes. You’ll discover that some moving companies, either on the phone or online, will offer you the lowest cost, just to get you in the door, or worse, to sign the contract.

If you have received quotes from companies who have not been to your home, please check the list below to see if it answers the following:

  • What are the extra costs if weight or volume exceeds estimate?
  • Does the quote include port charges? Or any other extra charges?
  • Is it a room-to-room moving service?
  • Do they help with customs clearance?
  • Does the quote include normal customs taxes?
  • Does the company have their own insurance? Can they provide an estimate?
  • Do they have their own office in the destination country?

Are they using a partner company for the moving? If so, make sure you know them as well.

While it might seem convenient to get a quote on the phone or online, it can end up having extra costs for you. And your belongings will be held prisoner until the invoice is paid. No matter who you relocate with, if your shipment is over the size of the contents of one bedroom, you should have a personal consultant visiting your home and checking your households. And after that,  you should read the fine print and ask questions if anything is uncertain. If there is a big cost difference between moving companies, then there usually is a reason for it. 

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