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Would you like to leave the hectic and busy life in Gauteng behind and move to the coastline of the Western Cape? Are you dreaming to live a slow-paced retirement at the seaside or just looking for better schooling opportunities for your children? Now that we are flooded by “semigration” news (that is, relocating to South Africa, instead of abroad), we would like to give you some tips before embarking on a move to Cape Town.

1) Life quality versus career and income

Is Cape Town the ideal place for you? As with everything in life, it depends… It depends on your goals, aspirations and the stage of life that you are in. Cape Town offers a unique lifestyle, warm climate and multicultural atmosphere suitable for both retirees and families alike. Moreover, plenty of families choose to relocate to Cape Town for the wealth of schooling opportunities available and the laid-back surroundings, ideal for raising kids. On the other hand, Johannesburg has a thriving job market, with average annual salaries 18% higher than in Cape Town, according to online job portal Adzuna. 

Where to live then? Before rushing into any decision, list your priorities and check what it is really important for you and your family at this phase of life.

2) Plan your expenses

Making your move to Cape Town a reality is not complicated, it just needs good planning.  For example, try to reduce your home sale costs. You can save plenty of money which you can use for your relocation and new home purchase or rental. 

3) You might have to leave some furniture behind… but that is not too bad!

If relocating from Johannesburg to Cape Town is the best option for you, it’s time to start preparing for it! One of the first things that you will notice is that house sizes are relatively smaller in Cape Town. Take it as an opportunity to “clean your home” and just keep those items that really matter to you. Why not donate the furniture which you don’t use to relatives or, even better, to a charity or home? If you are planning to return to Johannesburg at a later stage or thinking about purchasing a bigger house in future, why not consider storing the extra furniture until the right moment comes? The right move would be to contact Crown Relocations to enquire about their full range of services including professional moving and storage assistance.  

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