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Are you going to leave Johannesburg soon direction home, the United Kingdom? Are you afraid of going back and not knowing how to “go back to normal”? We tell you all you need to know for a smooth landing.

Heading back home after months or years of living in another country is easier said than done. No matter if it came unexpectedly or if it’s a decision that you took after careful thought, moving from Johannesburg to the United Kingdom is a big change, not only for you but for the whole family.

To help you during this hectic and frenetic period, don’t miss our tips for a smooth transition back home!

You aren’t the same

Believe it or not, you changed. Living in Johannesburg and South Africa has made you a different person and going back to the old routines might become slightly harder than expected. However, these changes aren’t bad. For sure, you must have wider horizons and be more intercultural sensitive, skills you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t relocated abroad.

And “your people” might have changed too

You can never live the same second twice, a lot of people says. And this is completely true. While you have lived unforgettable experiences while living in South Africa, your friends and relatives back in the UK have also moved on with their lives. This might mean that some of them have changed and other ones have also relocated – some of them might have moved to other areas of the UK, other ones might have moved abroad – perhaps some of them are now in South Africa too!

This is part of life and one cannot avoid. Just set up the right expectations for your return and be aware that life back home didn’t stop while you were away.

Time and patience

Moving from Johannesburg to the UK doesn’t mean you will instantly be settled into your old life just because you have roots there. It’ll happen but it’s ok for it to take some time before the life you have now feels like normality. Yes it once was, but you’ve changed and so has the home you left behind. Give it time.

You might feel homesick… in the UK

It’s possible that you miss South Africa. Don’t feel guilty. You would have been homesick some days when you were there too I’m sure. It’s OK to love both places.


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