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No matter how keen someone may be to immerse themselves in the culture of the country they are relocating to, culture shock is a fact of life for most movers. This broad term encompasses things like isolation from social circles to disparities in commonly owned consumer goods.  

One common example of this is lifestyle differences in access to personal transport. In some countries, particularly in the U.S., owning a car is a rite of passage for teenagers and is perceived as providing a great deal of personal freedom. America was after all built around the automobile; it’s vast interstate highway network is testament to this.

In others, such as the city-state of Singapore, owning a car may be prohibitively expensive. It is a similar situation for most Hong Kongers, and many other East Asians. Generally, millennials who grew up in these two popular expat cities are accustomed to not having a car, instead relying upon their peerless mass-transit systems instead.

But what if you want to preserve this aspect of home you’ve come to rely upon? Purchase and rental isn’t easy, even if you have a well salaried job. Rental is made particularly difficult if you don’t have a local credit history.

What can you do if you don’t have a local credit history?

International AutoSource (IAS) specialize in car rental and financing services for expatriates. This company has found a growth market among expats across the world, including those in western countries.

A unique way in which IAS distinguish themselves from competitors is by providing contracts that build in the uncertainty associated with a lot of expat living. For example, if an expat’s assignment comes to an end earlier than expected, an early termination program means that IAS will pay the remainder of the lease (up to 6 months) themselves.

Broadening possibilities when overseas

Expats want to carry many of the perks they enjoy back home to their new destination. This ties into the larger issue of how seamless you can make a relocation. Culture shock is indeed a fact of many overseas moves, but minimizing radical differences in lifestyle and maintaining your sense of personal freedom is important. What IAS ultimately provide is a peace of mind that you’ll be able to jump in a car and explore your new home in the way that you’re used to.

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