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Moving to a new home can be hard, especially with young children. To help ease the stressful transition, search in your new living area where other parents and children spend time and meet up.

To find fun places to meet other families, you can check the local visitors and tourist office and also check in Social Media networks or city apps. Some ideas:

  • Concerts in the park
  • Sports activities
  • Clubs and summer camps
  • Community events
  • Classes for all ages (music lessons, swim classes, art classes, exercise, etc.)
  • Kids Festivals
  • Libraries with children’s events, such as storytelling, movies and reading programs

And be adventurous! A recent study showed that green spaces can improve our mental health. In most cities you’ll find excellent parks and playgrounds to discover and enjoy with your children. Most of the facilities, provide challenging, age-appropriate where kids and parents can meet and play and new relationships can start.

Outside areas, are a great place to have fun and connect with others. Enjoy the adventure of discovery in your new area.

If you need more tips for relocating with kids, take a look to our guides and contact our local experts.

Meet up new friends at your local parks

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