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When the Crown Consultant visited my home in Johannesburg and told us about the Crown to Crown worldwide moving concept….Seamless Crown to Crown OperationI was skeptical but this concept really intrigued me.  Now, having moved to New Zealand with them, I can certainly vouch that this system does work! 

We moved out of South Africa in September 2013.  The Crown team in South Africa did a splendid job in packing us up and loading all our life possessions into an ocean going container!  We did take out insurance to cover any mishaps that could have happened along the way!  On arriving in Auckland we were greeted “via email” by Crown in New Zealand – welcoming us to our new country!  Nice touch!  They also gave us the arrival and proposed delivery details....The delivery then took place within a day of what was promised....very impressive! 

On delivery we did find some unfortunate damage – I can’t blame anyone for this but we believe that it took place during the movement of the container being loaded and offloaded from the ship! 

Nevertheless…we submitted a claim……and blow me down…what an easy process….  I phoned the local office and within minutes I received a claim form….I completed the form and put down estimate repair prices for the damage and sent it back to Crown. The total claim came to around ZAR 9,500.00.  I was then told that due to the fact that the claim was under a certain value that Crown has a system where they can make immediate payment.  They paid me the next day!  The Crown to Crown concept…and by having Crown branches on each continent certainly seems to work well.  Look forward to using your services in the future and will certainly recommend Crown to anyone moving!

Well done Crown South Africa and New Zealand!

By: Stephen Schlebush

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