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What can I pack? Should I do it myself? The most frequent pre-moving questions answered

Is your relocation day getting closer and closer? Have you already organized your move and you are just waiting for the big day? Highly likely, you still have plenty of questions, but you aren’t alone. 

If you are looking for answers, you have landed in the right place as we’ve gathered the most common pre-moving questions. 


1.    Can I pack my own possessions?

For security reasons, many countries no longer accept shipments that are packed by the owner. Moreover, any damage incurred to items you packed yourself may not be covered by transit insurance. 

Notice that all Crown Relocations shipments are packed by high-trained packers. 

2.    Are any items prohibited from my shipment?

Each country has its own restrictions; but as a general rule, you shouldn’t send these type of items:

•    Alcohol

•    Firearms and ammunition

•    Foodstuffs, including herbs and spices

•    Hazardous items 

•    Items made from endangered animals

•    Unprocessed furs, skins

•    Plants, dried flowers, bulbs, seeds

•    Pornographic material

•    Soil or sand of any kind

•    Swords, spears, switchblades.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. Your local Crown Relocations consultant will be able to advise you of further prohibited items for your destination country. 

3. Do I need to do anything to prepare for the packing day?

Before the packers arrive, try to:

•    Dispose of any items you do not wish to take with you.

•    Clear out the garage, attic, and basement.

•    Disconnect and defrost refrigerators and freezers.

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