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If you’re moving abroad, you’ll have to, literally, plan a whole new life.  Having some goals to accomplish during the process– before, during and after the moving- can help you stay focused and start with the right foot your international stay.

If you have never left Nigeria for more than a couple of weeks, you might be thinking this is easier said than done. But believe us, this is an easy job… if you just know what to focus on!

1.  Searching for your new home

Feeling at ease, wherever you are, it’s the first step to happiness and thus, searching for “your place” isn’t something you should leave to chance. Whether you prefer to rent, share or even buy a flat, explore your options and the best areas to live. Check prices well in advance to compare what it’s more convenient for you, i.e. higher rents vs. more commuting times.

Then you can decide when it’s the best time to start contacting landlords and visiting flats – some months before the move, some weeks or even once you are already there!

2. Choosing what to pack

Packing a life – or part of it- it’ll never be easy. Book, clothes, memories… We always want to take everything even though we can’t take everything. Allow yourself time to pick up the things important for you or that ones that you muss take.  And don’t underestimate the time this will take.

3. Planning the trip 

Do you think it will be enough to pick up a flight and check-in one suitcase? Probably not. If you are moving for a long, long time, you would like to take plenty of things with you – even after having done a proper selection. 

Don’t take rush decisions and explore all your options to send your personal belongings from your home to the new destination. 

4. Thinking about your social life 

Arriving in a new place, without knowing anyone can be a bit scaring…thus, don’t wait until the fear comes and start planning all the activities you could do to have a social circle right from the beginning (going to Meetups, joining clubs, attending some courses…) 

Do you need some extra help with the move planning? Tell us about your move and our consultants will help you. 


Setting goals before moving overseas from Nigeria

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