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Relocating alone from Russia to another country can be exciting and daunting at the same time. However, it is an opportunity to experiment other ways of living and discover new places.
Below you can find some tips to settle in successfully when relocating alone:
1) Do become familiar with your new surroundings
Be curious and start exploring your new area. Use your favorite search engine, grab a guide book, check our destination guides or ask the locals (don’t be afraid, they will be pleased to help you!) and explore what can be seen and visited. Go out of your comfort and foster your inner sense of adventure. You will notice how that once intimidating new city is full of places that you love!
2) Do not isolate yourself
 Settling in in a new place can be daunting task, especially if you are not an outgoing person. However, remember it is important to go out and meet new people in order not to feel alone. Check the city events, go to a coffee shop, have lunch outside. If necessary, plan your days well in advance, making sure that you interact with different people daily. 
3) Do join clubs and volunteer
When you relocate you should try to keep the hobbies you had in Russia or take new ones. This is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people. Football, tennis, yoga, writing, singing… There are clubs for all the tastes! 
You can also volunteer in a local charity. You can volunteer in plenty of areas ranging from animals to school support. This is a great way to learn more about your community and maybe even make some new friends. 
4) Don’t judge your new culture
Embrace the differences, between your previous and your new culture. One thing that you have to accept when you relocate is that no living environment is going to be the same. Accept that every place has unique things and try to understand why the things are the way they are in your new area. 
5) Do accept that it takes time to settle 
Remember it will take some time to make adjust to your new surroundings. Every person has its own pace. Do not harm yourself by comparing with other people. Just try to be positive and open-minded and remember that this new challenge will be a great learning experience.   
6) Do maintain your relationships
Keeping in touch with your friendships is essential during your period abroad. They will comfort you during the tough periods, you will feel more connected with your local country and the coming back home, after your temporal expatriation, will be much easier. 
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